The benefits of having dogs as pet

There are so many benefits of having dogs as pet. Since I started taking care of dogs, I become more responsible.  Every morning I make sure their cages are clean, and they have eaten their food.  I make sure that they have enough water for the day.  At night, when I arrive home from work, I again clean their cages and make sure their furs are combed.  Doing this routine regularly, tests my patience and devotion for my pets.  In the process, I developed my care and love for them.

In return, dogs give back so much benefits to the pet owners.  Dogs are loyal, intelligent, devoted and affectionate to their owner.  I have proven this so many times.  When I arrive home, they are very happy to see me.  You will notice it whey they wag their tails expressing their happiness of seeing their master.  At all times, they are very submissive to the owner.  When you hug them, they just calm and quiet.  When they feel you want to play with them, then they play with you.  When they feel you are tired, they will just stay quiet in the corner.  

Playing with them really makes me feel relaxed.  Another distressing moment is when I watch the television sitting beside my dog. Also when I finished bathing all of them and dry their furs.  Dogs are very beautiful when they are clean.  You will feel accomplished when you see your dogs clean and in good shape.

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